Sunday, 17 March 2013

1million PURPLE woman walk

Today is International Woman’s Day

This weekend is an abnormal weekend that I am not going home because of this stupid activity!!!

YA!  PURPLE woman walk== 

Maybe u would ask why I wear a white shirt as the theme is PURPLE?

Haha…This is what the stupid order from our “dearest” HEP
Maybe they worried about we will lose in the crowd so ask us to do so><

Normally, the activity organized by government will prepared a lot lot of food! Yup, today it started with free breakfast(2 roti n 1 package of water)

From far far away, u can c us!
We are the white among purple = = (very special)

There was 3 stalls to get free drinks n food

Nescafe~ I dun like it actually but I still get one>< (I noe it is a bad habit)
So, I give half to my friend instead to throw it n waste^^

Nestle cereal~
I like it with milk! So, get a big cup of it^^ Really full~

Still remember this “lorry milo” ?  I miss it!
 Such a long time didn’t saw it since I leave my primary school^^
I get 2 cups of this. It taste really nice especially under the hot sun~

They are trying to enjoy under the hot sunburn. I am the one who hold the umbrella^^haha

Lunch Time

We are given free lunch (chicken rice) there. But what the situation is the food is extremely huge amount compare to ppl.

I understand this is what the “Malaysia Style” which give very nice threat to us!
At last, guess what happen?

They ask us to took as many as we can. So we took one more for our dinner and even got  “da bao” for seniors n roommates. The worst situation is I saw somebody took 10++ packs n leave. Maybe it can be the lunch for all her family’s members^^ Finally, it finished!

Can u imagine it?

Lucky Draw Time~

A cute lucky girl~ who won 2 tickets of Legoland among 18 thousand of ppl~

Actually, the walk is said to be the first of its kind to be held in Malaysia. Purple is the theme colour for International Women's Day.
The main purpose of the walk is to show solidarity towards the Government's commitment in empowering women in Malaysia and to celebrate the successes of Malaysian women in various sectors. In Putrajaya, Najib said Malaysia would not have achieved its goals had women not been part of the mainstream development and transformation